The Story Behind Products-idea

I’m a cool guy, but aren’t we all.


Hi, I’m Sushil in Banglore, I describes my shelf in  the whimsical way my brain works when finding cool and unique gift & products ideas.

Basically I already spend lots of time digging through the internet, forums, youtube videos and more to see what’s new and exciting. So I started to share everything I find. Most of these you’ll want to get for yourself, but it’s also broken down by categories for those last-minute gift, products ideas. You’re welcome.

Consumer Search has been simplifying the product research process for consumers. We cut through the noise of thousands of product reviews and spec comparisons to bring you the product that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Consumer Search takes a human-centered approach to product reviews by focusing on what real reviewers loved, hated and found most useful about each product.

Many of the gift ideas listed do return a small commission for the referral link, but this doesn’t influence why I chose them or why they’re on this site. I want to be upfront about everything. The items listed are just fun, geeky, unique and cool.